hair cut

Regardless of your face shapes: round, oval, square, heart, or long, there will be a haircut that will look best on you. When you are considering a new haircut, please take in consideration of your body shape, hair texture, how much time you have in the morning to style it, and whether you can keep up with the haircut or not.
** MEN$45+ (30mins)
** WOMEN$70+ (45mins)
CHILDREN (under 12)$50+ (45mins)
DRY CUT / TRIM$60+ (45mins)
** includes wash and style
* prices are subject to change

hair extensions

Natural, beautiful hair extensions! We only use 100% Remy Human Hair! Hair installation takes approximately 2 – 4 hours. All methods are available from: fusion (pre-bonded), clip-in, invisible beaded extensiona, braided-in, weave-in, tape hair extensions, micro-link, etc. Hair extensions do not damage hair if done properly!

COLOUR HIGHLIGHT EXTENSIONS$30 / per strand (30mins)
EXTENSIONS BANGS$100+ (30mins)
NATURAL REMY WIGS$1500+ (2hrs)
REMOVAL$450+ (3hrs+)
* accurate pricing by consultation
* price varies for extra thick hair
* prices are subject to change

colours and highlights

Hair is an important part of your overall look and the right hair color can make an old style look brand new. Color can enhance your skin tone and gives the hair more fullness. First of all, clients need to stop worrying about whether or not lightening or colouring the hair will damage the hair! That’s like saying you want to have a baby but do not want to have stretch marks. It’s a hit or miss! There are treatments for lighten or coloured hair just like they make band aids for cuts. There are many types of colour methods to choose from. You can choose a Permanent to cover 100% grey or go lighter, or choose a Demi colour, which is non-permanent, to add shine, soft color or blend your grey up to 70%. Feel free to explore hair colour, I am here to help you find the best colour that suits you best.
FULL COLOUR$90+ (30mins)
ROOT RETOUCH$80 (30mins)
TONER$35 (25mins)
CLEAR GLOSSING$65 (25mins)
HIGHLIGHTS$130+ (45mins)
* accurate pricing by consultation
* price does not include wash and style
* prices are subject to change

ombre colour and balayage

Balayage is a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders.

Ombre Hair Colouring is where the color is darker at the root and then lighter and brighter highlights on the mid-shaft and ends. Ombre hair shouldn’t leave you looking like your roots have grown out. The great thing about ombre and balayage is, they can be natural and subtle or bold and dramatic.

These highlights can be applied two ways:

  1.   Foil
  2. Balayage — (painting on colour)

Wondering if you are a candidate for this? Ombre is right for you if you:

  • Prefer low-maintenance, natural looking highlights.
  • Are bored with solid, dark hair and want a boost of colour without the commitment of regular highlights.
  • Want to show off the layers in your hairstyle
$130 AND UP
* accurate pricing by consultation
* price does not include wash and style
* prices are subject to change